Kings Transportation LLC Finds a Trusted Insurance Partner with Russell Agency

Executive Summary
  • Kings Transportation LLC faced unexpected insurance premium increases due to misclassification by their previous insurance agent.
  • Christopher King sought a reliable and trustworthy insurance partner and turned to Russell Agency for help.
  • Russell Agency provided a tailored solution that secured a rate with a leading insurer and provided excellent customer service
  • Kings Transportation LLC ended up saving over $2,000 in insurance costs with Russell Agency’s help
  • Christopher King found peace of mind with Russell Agency and is a happy and satisfied  partner now

About the Client
Kings Transportation LLC is a one-unit trucking company based in Thomasville, Alabama, specializing in flatbed hauling for lumber and steel. Christopher King, the owner of Kings Transportation LLC, is a seasoned trucker with years of experience in flatbed hauling of lumber and steel.

The Challenge
Christopher King chose an insurance agent that offered him an affordable insurance rate. However, the agent misclassified his business, resulting in an unexpected increase in insurance premiums.

Why King Transportation LLC Chose Russell Agency
Christopher chose Russell Agency because he was looking for an insurance company and agent that he could trust and feel confident about. Russell Agency was transparent and provided detailed information about their services, which made Christopher feel more confident in their abilities.

The Solution
By switching to Russell Agency, Christopher was able to:
  • Get the level of customer satisfaction he desired.
  • Obtain certificates of insurance with ease and convenience.
  • Gain a trustworthy insurance provider that cares about his business.

Results and Benefits
With Russell Agency, Kings Transportation LLC saw the following results and benefits:
  • Kings Transportation LLC was able to save over $2,000 in insurance costs.
  • Christopher King gained peace of mind knowing that his business is properly insured and protected.
  • With a more accurate insurance classification, Kings Transportation LLC is now able to bid on more jobs and expand their business opportunities.

Next Steps
If you’re a trucking company looking for an insurance provider that you can trust. We offer tailored advice that addresses the pain points of rising insurance costs, business burnout, and finding a trustworthy provider.
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