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Trucking Insurance in Atlanta, GA

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There are currently over 32,000 trucking companies that operate in Georgia. Primarily most of these companies are small, locally owned and operated. This provides an accurate description of how important the trucking and transportation industry is to Georgia. Insuring your trucking company is important and thats why we're here to help! Russell Agency offers trucking insurance in Atlanta Georgia to small, medium, and large fleets. Learn more about how we can help cover your operation while saving you money.

What is Trucking Insurance?

Commercial trucking insurance in Atlanta, Georgia is an insurance policy that is written to protect your trucking company for hire operation. Most policies are written with primary liability and can include physical damage coverage, and cargo insurance. Depending on your insurance requirements and needs, we can help you in the process of choosing the correct coverage to properly insure your trucking operation.

Russell Agency can provide coverage to the Atlanta Georgia area for your trucking operation. To contact us you can call or receive your trucking quote online by clicking here.

Coverages you may need

There are many different types of trucking operations and to properly cover you and your operation, it is best to contact one of our trucking specialists. Some of the coverages you may have heard or might possibly need could include:

  • Primary auto liability: Operating a commercial motor vehicle by federal regulations requires this coverage. Owner operators that have leased units are required to have this coverage as well. Primary liability covers damages done to people or property in the event you are at fault in an accident.
  • Physical damage: This coverage is important for you to have on your trucking policy to cover your truck tractor in the event of collision, theft, and vandalism.
  • Bobtail insurance: This particular coverage which is often referred to as Non-trucking liability covers the unit when you are operating the unit while not under dispatch. If you would like to learn more about this coverage, we have an article you can find here.
  • Cargo insurance: Depending on the cargo you haul, this coverage may or may not be needed. This type of coverage provides coverage to a covered loss to the cargo or load you are hauling. Some policies might have cargo exclusions for wetness of cargo or faulty equipment, so it is best to contact a trucking specialist from Russell Agency to make sure you're covered properly. To learn more about this coverage click here.

Our trucking specialists can guide you through the coverages that is right for your trucking business in Atlanta.

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