Using Technology To Keep Your Trucking Company Safer

Using technology within your trucking operation can drive safer results, and can help your trucking company grow safely.

The trucking and transportation industry has continued to grow over the years and even during the pandemic, trucking companies were deliver vital goods and supplies including vaccinations. Transportation serves a great purpose in the US economy and foreign trade.

That being said, the industry has faced its fair share of frivolous claims and to keep your business safe and secure, you as a business owner have options to protect your business.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Electronic Logging Device

There are many types of electronic logging devices including Motive (formerly Keep Truckin), Garmin, RandMcnally and more. Trucking companies can use ELD devices to report IFTA reports (fuel tax reports) and track your location while traveling. This can be very important information to use in the event a fraudulent claim that is filed against your company.

Here are a few examples of the benefits of using an ELD:

  • Improves Customer Service – Customer service is vital to a companies success and longevity. Electronic Log Devices can notify shippers of your location to plan for your arrival. This cuts down on timing between the to parties to provide a better customer service experience for everyone.
  • Reduces Paperwork – Technology and automation can save you time and money, including no more paper logs.
  • Tracking & Data Feedback – If you own several trucks or hundreds, you as an owner can track each truck location which can help making sure drivers are safe and running. Also, devices ca provide more user data that can be helpful for end of year reporting.

Its safe to say that ELD devices in the trucking industry is the future and that is a good thing. So, if you haven’t made the switch, make sure to choose a device that can grow with your trucking needs.

Dash Cameras

The average cost of an injury accident is $200,000. Protecting your trucking company is important to you and its important to us. Drivers are safer having video footage of an accident and helping to prevent fraudulent claims.

With the dash camera being an instant witness, you can feel comfort knowing that video speaks louder than words.

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