Liability Insurance

Auto Liability insurance is a combination of Bodily Injury coverage and Property Damage coverage.

Auto Liability covers injuries or damages to property or other people if you're at fault in an accident. Bodily Injury (BI) covers hospital and medical bills up to the selected policy limit. Property Damage (PD) will repair or replace property up to the selected policy limit.

Do you need Liability insurance?

In most situations, Liability Insurance is required by law.

If you are a For-Hire Trucker, you will need Liability Insurance in order to obtain Filings.

Liability insurance limits and options

In select states, our Liability insurance can range upwards of 2 million to 5 million depending on your operation and certain risk factors. USDOT requires a For-Hire Trucker to have a minimum of $750,000 auto liability and is required in order to issue filings.

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