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Commercial trucking insurance cost

Factors that can affect the pricing of your quote include:

Driving history - Insurance companies take a look at cdl experience, as well as if you have any accidents or violations. This plays a major roll in the calculation of your insurance rate.

Units / trailers - Your units year, make and model also factors into your rate. For example, if you operate a box truck that is older and you do not carry physical damage, that truck would be cheaper to insure rather than a brand new box truck with physical damage.

Coverage requirements - Depending on the load or contract you have, your shipper could require you to carry more insurance or different types of coverages. 

Getting the cheapest commercial trucking insurance

Here are things to consider that can get you the cheapest commercial trucking insurance rate.

Updating your coverage limits and values

Taking a look at your policy coverage limits, values, and deductibles are great ways to save on your commercial trucking premium. It is always important to review your physical damage values for your trucks and trailers which can help lower your rate. Another thing to consider is to increase your deductibles, but remember this is the amount you are responsible for in the event of a claim.

Driving record and safety

Keeping your driving record clean is vital to getting the best trucking insurance premium. Violations and accidents can significantly affect your premium. Your insurance rates will begin to decrease as long as you continue to practice safe driving habits and keep your driving record clean.

Policy Discounts

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