Russell Agency Rebrands From Trucking to Everything!

Five years ago, Ruthie and I started our own insurance agency specialized in providing trucking companies with personalized trucking insurance solutions. Our goal was simply to provide top-notch customer service while catering to the unique needs of our clients.

Over the years, we have been blown away by the tremendous growth we saw in the trucking insurance industry. We started off with just offering our services in Alabama but were able to expand to Georgia, Tennessee and Wisconsin soon. We saw things ramp up once incorporating our digital footprint in these states and customers saw the benefits of a customer centric insurance agency.

As we grew and expanded our footprint, we realized there’s so much more we can offer than just transportation insurance. By building relationships with these states we discovered that there is a need for better insurance solutions in all sorts of industries. So now we have got you covered with tailored insurance services for construction, agriculture, small businesses, retail shops, home and auto, churches, and many others!

So today, as our brand catches up with who we are as a people-first insurance business, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve rebranded to better reflect our commitment to serving every business and person that wants a better insurance experience. Russell Agency will now provide curated insurance solutions to truckers, small business owners, new families, churches, restaurants, and much more.

For our old customers, don’t worry! Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service remains the same. Our services will continue to work the same way, with only an upgrade to the look and feel of our brand to better match who we are and who we serve.

We are truly honored to serve you and look forward to this new journey together.

Thank you for choosing Russell Agency!



Vice President